Welcome to our center for dose and detector performance estimates in space at various altitudes in the atmosphere

Our group works in dose release and instrument performance limitation estimates aboard space missions in the interplanetary medium since 2003.
We provide proven expertise, experience and methods (Monte Carlo simulation) for risk analysis aboard space missions. More in general, we will be able to estimate the effects and the role of elementary, energetic particles of solar, galactic and atmospheric origin in affecting the expected characteristics of materials and/or instruments flying at various atmospheric depths or placed on Earth. Average estimates, available in the literature have been found far from reality when Monte Carlo simulations and proper worst case analysis were carried out for the space missions LISA Pathfinder, LISA and Solar Orbiter (METIS coronagraph) of the European Space Agency (ESA).

See the Publications section for previous work carried out for the ESA LISA Pathfinder and Solar Orbiter missions.

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