About us

Catia Grimani
Catia Grimani is an astroparticle physicist. She works on the physics of primary and secondary cosmic rays. In particular she focused on the antimatter search with balloon-borne experiments and on the origin of the positron excess. In the last fifteen years she joined the ESA LISA Pathfinder and LISA mission collaborations and is also co-investigator in the METIS collaboration for the ESA Solar Orbiter mission. For these two missions she leaded the studies on the role of the interplanetary medium  in affecting the performance of instruments placed aboard.

Michele Fabi
Electronic and IT technician, Linux system administrator.
I provide IT support services as well as hardware/software maintenance.
I collaborate with  Prof. C. Grimani since 2003. I designed the geometries of LISA Pathfinder and METIS coronagraph (Solar Orbiter) for Monte Carlo simulations of cosmic-ray and solar energetic particle impacts on these missions. I contributed to carry out estimates of the test-mass charging aboard LISA Pathfinder and of the dose released on the METIS polarimeter during the Solar Orbiter mission lifetime.