Selected Publications

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C. Grimani, M. Fabi, D. Telloni, Electron test-mass charging aboard the future space interferometers, Proceedings of the MG14 Meeting on General Relativity.

D. Telloni, M. Fabi, C. Grimani and E. Antonucci, Metis aboard the Solar Orbiter space mission: Doses from Galactic Cosmic Rays and Solar Energetic Particles, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1720, 2016.

C. Grimani et al. GCR flux 9-day variations with LISA Pathfinder  Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 840 (2017) 012037

M. Armano et al., Characteristics and energy dependence of recurrent galactic cosmic-ray flux depressions and of a Forbush decrease with LISA Pathfinder The Astrophysical Journal 854 (2), 113, 2018